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How to Host a Successful Baby Sprinkle, the Answer to a Modern Baby Shower

Recently, attended the best baby shower I have ever attended!  It was designated as a sprinkle and was perfect!  We were in and out in an hour and a half.  Firstly, it was obviously beautifully decorated.  We were opening presents within 20 minutes of arrival.  This is very important, as I have been to showers where we didn’t open presents for AN HOUR after arriving.  Who really wants to converse with people you most likely don’t know for an hour?  The mother-in-law had invited over 30 people; so, present opening lasted over an hour!  DON’T DO THIS!  Get the party started!  If guests are late, don’t make a deal…just keep moving right along.

The food was perfect with donut pops in mason jars, cupcakes, lemon bars, chocolate bundt cake with berries, and frosted Chex mix bags to go.  Beverages included water, just water - and that is fine!  Take note, keep it simple.  Oh, and the cutest balloons I have ever seen!  They were so big and had confetti in them.  

Tips for hosting a Baby Sprinkle:

Before the party:
  • Only invite 15-20 friends.  If the hostess has more friends, separate them into groups and host separate parties.  Make sure to set up a system for RSVP’s
  • Follow up the day of and ask for those that have indicated they will be there making sure they are still coming (this serves as gentle reminder of the event, and an additional final headcount for you).
  • Prepare a reasonable menu with three to four main treats (include options for those with allergies).

At the Party:
  • Start opening presents within 20 minutes.
  • Make sure someone is writing down names and gifts for the "Thank You" cards
  • Have a basket with envelopes for guests to address for "Thank You" cards.  The last thing an expecting mother wants to do is gather additional addresses for mailing cards; and, with most invites through Facebook now, the host may not know addresses.
  • Have one, simple game…with one winner…and a small gift (think Target dollar section).  The game at this sprinkle was perfect!  It was just guessing the circumference of the expecting mother’s belly. It included only a sheet with columns for the Guest’s Name and guess, and a tape measure.  The reveal took about two minutes, and it was very fun!
  • Have little bagged snacks for the littles attending your party.  Expect littles.  You are hosting a party for an expecting mother.  Chances are, guests will have littles too and will not be able to secure a sitter.  Have an area, such as a nearby room, with a movie playing to keep them entertained.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!  Don’t stress over the little things.  Just make sure to keep the expecting momma center of attention and make sure she is staying hydrated and full of all the amazing goodies!  With these small details, you will most definitely be host an awesome baby sprinkle!

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