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Summer Must Haves - A Few of My Favorite Things to Prepare for HOT Days

Summer is here!  The days are heating up, and it’s time to prepare for the scorching sun and humid nights.  I have a few favorite things that get me through the season, and I thought I would share them with you!  This post contains affiliate links.


Body Spray
Miss Doyle’s Body Spray

We all need to stay fresh!  I found a body spray with odor neutralizer that I LOVE!  Miss Doyle’s Soapery is a fun shop in downtown Weston.  She offers tons of a variety of sprays for your body and home, soaps, lotions and lip balms.  Each product is all natural and smells wonderful! 

My favorite is the California Breeze.

Natural Bug Spray
Miss Doyle's Natural Bug Spray

Whether for you or your pups, it is a must have; and, natural is the way to go!  I also purchase this from Miss Doyle’s Soapery.  Miss Doyle’s Bug B Gone is chemical free and contains essential oils known for deterring flies, fleas, mosquitos, and ticks (and still smells amazing).  It is a must have for everyone in your home, fur or skin.  It can also be applied to hair and clothing.

You won’t be disappointed!  


In the summer, I wear very little makeup.  It’s only going to melt off anyways, so why bother.  I have four must haves that I apply to my face daily for a fresh look:  concealer, mascara, a nude lip cover and of course, a tinted sunscreen.


This stuff is amazing.  It has two ends with applicators.  The first end is a concealer (much needed for my underage bags and sun spots from previous years when I actually enjoyed being outside), and the second end is a brightner.  I apply this in a v-shape under my eye and smooth out with a concealer brush. 


I like to keep it simple and nude.  This size is perfect to keep in your pocket or a pen slot in your purse for easy access.

Tinted Sun Screen 

I prefer a more natural mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, over the popular over-the-counter, store bought chemical brands.  The minerals contained in this blend block both UVA and UVB rays.  They are also immediate effective after applied.


Under shorts for Skirts

These Jockey Skimmies are amazing.  My thighs love each other.  They feel the need to be touching at all times, which also creates sweat and friction.  I hate for my skin to touch.  Especially when sweaty.

These skimmies come in a variety of sizes (small - 5X), shapes and lengths.  They are not like Spanx and are not designed with the sole purpose to slim.  They do smooth, but do not “pull you in”, which is why I love them.  They allow some air flow to keep you cool on those hot summer days.


Keep those peeps protected with some Classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses.  So many styles to fit your personality!

Instax 90

And lastly…don’t forget your Instax camera to capture all the fun!  A perfect way to start a daily photo journal.

What's on your Summer Must Have list?

Quick Affiliate Links for Shopping all of my Summer Must Haves
Concealer - IT Cosmetics Eyelift in a Tube
Lips - Burt’s Bee’s - Caramel
Tinted Sun Screen  - Badger Tinted Sunscreen, SPF 25
Body Spray - Miss Doyle’s Body Spray
Natural Bug Spray - Miss Doyle's Natural Bug Spray
Under shorts for Skirts - JOCKEY Skimmies
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban Wayfarer Floral Sunglasses
Camera - Instax 90

Stay cool!
XOXO - Tami

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