That Fresh Rocky Mountain Air | Throwback Thursday Travel Edition

My planned day trip for the week was rained out.  So, instead I am sitting here drinking my herbal tea reminiscing about my trip to Colorado last fall.  Please enjoy this repost, originally published on my T.Knight Photography website for this Throwback Thursday, Travel Edition.

September 2016

I visited Colorado last month to photograph an event for a nonprofit.  Colorado definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite states.  The air is so crisp, the sky is so blue, and oh those mountains! 

I had one day on my own, so I decided to spend it driving through Rocky Mountain National Park.  But first, a stop in Estes Park.  While driving through Estes, I remembered that I had previously purchased a pair of gloves from the leather shop there in town.  I loved these gloves!  I have since lost one of the gloves and stopped by on a whim to see if they still sold them.  They did; and, they were still only $10!  I almost bought two pair, but wanted to have an excuse to return in the future.

Next, I realized although I have admired The Stanley on several occasions from afar, I have never been inside!  It was such a beautiful day, why not?  As you are only allowed to tour the grounds and first floor without having a room there, I shall have to return and book myself a stay to travel up those stairs and explore further.  The wallpaper, woodwork and colors of the decor bring a certain sense of respect for history that cannot be overlooked.

Finally, I entered the park gates.  I arrived at the worst time of day around 3:00 p.m. and was told that the parking lot I would need for my intended hike to Alberta Falls was full.  I took a chance anyways and headed that direction.  As luck would have it, there were plenty of spaces.  My main goal for the day was to make it to Alberta Falls and enjoy the changing aspens along the way.  I had done my research, I knew exactly what I was doing.  It was so worth it.  As I got closer and closer to the falls, the more people greeted me with tidings.  The experience from feeling such accomplishment and viewing such beauty, the contentedness within one’s self allowed a certain openness to be so transparent to others; welcoming a little of themselves into a little of you.  If we could all aspire to travel that way through life every day, could you imagine the world in which we would live?

I am sure that I timed out as the longest hike to Alberta Falls, and my trip along the winding road on the way out of the park.  Although I had more than enough gas in my tank, I always have this irrational fear of running out of gas while in a National Park.  It’s just not one of those things your average, suburban Missouri girl regularly thinks about when there are always gas stations within five miles.  My last stop was Grand Lake, right outside the gate of RMNP.  As the sun was setting, I took in every last ray of light.  Oh Colorado, I miss you already.

Until next time...Best Wishes!
XOXO - Tami

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