Welcome to My Favorite Musings!

Welcome to my blog!  I can't wait to share all of my loves including my favorite products, Kansas City local hangouts, adventures with my two adorable Wheaten Terriers, travel, photography and all of the little every day details of life.

I wanted to create a blog to hold all of my favorite things, whether it be a new restaurant, a summer playlist, an awesome moisturizer, a DIY project, or that outfit I might have worn more than once this week.  

A little about me (to learn more, check out the About Me page)…I have lived in Kansas City my entire life, yet I learn new things about it and visit new places all of the time.  I love day trips into the City to grab a favorite meal, or to photograph my favorite buildings.

I also love to travel, whether it be two hours from home or all the way across the world.  I hope to add many destinations to my map, and share all of my secrets with you. 

Join me to find the joys in the in-between moments!  See you soon!

XOXO - Tami

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