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A week full of 90 degree days in Kansas City calls for popsicles!  I decided to try a healthier approach, vanilla greek yogurt with cherries.  This post contains affiliate links.

I had purchased popsicle molds from TJ Maxx; but, here is a well-reviewed BPA free set on Amazon that includes the molds, an easy fill funnel and a recipe book!  

I started by spooning the yogurt into a bowl (enough for four molds) and adding some frozen cherries.  I did have to chop up the cherries so that they fit into the mold.  I stirred the cherries in for equal yogurt to cherry ratio, then started filling the molds.  To fill the molds, I used a plastic baggie with a corner cut (like a pastry icing bag).  This made the process easier and slightly less messy.  Be sure to leave room at the top of the mold and not fill it to the top.  It will expand when you add the bottom and when freezing.  I let these freeze over night, and they stay good for several days (if they last that long before being consumed).

These were quite yummy and definitely a cool treat, with less guilt.  I didn’t even feel bad eating one for breakfast.  There are so many varieties you could make using you favorite flavor of greek yogurt and frozen fruits.  I just had a sudden urge for pineapple with coconut greek yogurt!  YUMMY!

Great Treat for Your Furry Friends

Next time I will use a greek yogurt without artificial sweetener and blueberries so my pups can have one too, and I won’t have to cut up the frozen fruit.  I have made greek yogurt ice cubes for them before.  They are messy, but they love them.  If you are making yogurt treats for your furry friends, please DO NOT use one with artificial sweeteners (xylitol, stevia, aspartame and sucralose), as they are toxic for dogs.  Choose a plain low fat or fat free yogurt. 

What ways are you finding to stay cool this summer as the heat increases?

XOXO - Tami

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