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Last night, I spent the evening at one of my favorite Kansas City events, the 86th Annual Plaza Art Fair. Each year, I come home with a pocket full of cards and maybe a few prints. I thought this year, I would share a few of my favorites with you!  This post contains affiliate links.  I love to share my favorite finds, and all opinions are always mine.

I always enjoy talking with the artists during shows.  I love finding out where they are from, what their process is, what inspires them.  There is such a variety of mediums, colors and styles.

Booth 420

This is a local artist.  Her pieces are so delicate and fine.  These lightweight metal creations are whimsical and inspiring.  I will definitely be adding her Etsy store to my favorites!

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 418

I have a love/hate relationship with glass.  I LOVE its beauty and the amazing way it can be sculpted into any shape.  I HATE that I feel like one wrong move and…smash!  I always admire these pieces from afar and keep my bag close in these booths.

Kansas City Things to Do
Scissors Drawings

I have seen Ella’s work before at the Brookside Art Festival.  Her sophisticated paper cuts feature dancers, mothers, children and flowers, as well as a variety of other subjects.  I love the ultra black and white contrast and the details of her work.  You may check out her website and online store.

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 221

Bekah uses a mixture of vibrant and muted colors.  Her work features female portraits, creating unique characters.  She was a Plaza Fair Featured Artist several years ago.  I purchased three prints (which are featured above my bed), one of which is “Cat Costumes”.  I check back every year to see if she has created a “Dog Costumes” to match my print.  See you next year Bekah!

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 235

Edward is another local from Mission, Kansas.  His work is colorful, bold and whimsical.  Pieces range from animals to Kansas City iconic structures.  I picked up one of his prints at the Brookside Art Festival a couple of years ago when he was a featured artist for that show.  His “Walk the Dog” print hangs right above my pooches leashes.  I would love to own one of his canvases one of these days.

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 451

I always love to stop into Kristen’s booth and see what new creations she has.  She has been a welcomed regular at Kansas City art fairs.  I love her mix of metal and colored glass.  She manages to mix the right shapes and colors into the perfect bracelet, earring, pendant, or ring every time!

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 203

It is impossible to walk passed Lou’s booth without stopping for a look.  This artist mixes nostalgic images with sculpture adding value and dimension.  The concept and construction are amazing.  This piece titled, “Lunchtime atop the Rockefeller Center” is worth your time.

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 439

I LOVE colorful, whimsical characters (especially owls and other birds).  This guy does it all.  These adorable faces are featured on canvas, on cutouts, and panels.  Something for every wall!

Kansas City Things to Do
Booth 125

Not only are Vic’s works amazing, so is his sales strategy and his purpose.  Vic offers regular gallery pricing, but at shows he features pieces available through silent auction pricing with all benefits going to his wife’s Underdog Rescue.  

Kansas City Things to Do

There are so many other things to see and do at the Plaza Art Fair, like ... petting ALL THE DOGS!  I am a sucker for a furry friend.  Make sure to stop by the Humane Society for the Greater Kansas City tent and support their Adopt Don't Shop movement by donating, or taking home your very own furkid!

Kansas City Things to Do

There is also plenty to choose from to eat and drink while listening to live music.  Enjoy performances by bands on the stages, as well as street performers.

Kansas City Things to Do

There is only one more day for the fair on Sunday from 11am - 5:00pm.  Enjoy!

XOXO - Tami

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