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So, in case you haven’t noticed…I have been MIA the last couple of weeks.  I have been preparing for interviews and teaching my first week of classes for VIPKID!  This has been my first week working for the company and I have already booked and taught five classes.  It’s only Thursday and I have eight more booked by the end of the week!  I get to wake up every morning to students half-way across the world in China and teach them English as a second language.  I am enjoying teaching SO much!  I have including affiliate links in this post to help you find resources easily in preparation for an interview, should you want to have as much fun at your job as I do!

With VIPKID, I get to make my own schedule selecting only the times that I am available.  Everything is online and the students really only see my face (so, of course I show up in my pajama bottoms).  I review the curriculum before I start my day of teaching, gathering props during preparation if needed.  It was very easy to get started.  

I only purchased a few items to prepare for my interview and first week of classes.  These items included: letter flash cards, a small dry erase board and a stuffed toy to use as a puppet.  These Melissa and Doug zoo puppets are adorable!  Everything else needed was typical household items.  You will eventually need a headset if you are hired, but can use any set of headphones with a microphone until you decide on that investment.  I interviewed with this set until I was hired and purchased this set.  I love the MPOW headphones with microphone! If you are worried about background and lighting, you can add things to your wall (I choose a cork board so I can change scenery easily and covered it with fun wrapping paper from the dollar store) and purchase this selfie ring light for your laptop.  The important thing is that they can see and hear you clearly.

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is an online teaching service focused on teaching children in China English as a second language.  Students range from ages 4 - 12 and fall within varied ranges of speaking capability levels.  The curriculum is provided for you!  You never have to create the content yourself (just have a couple of fun, educational props laying around).  Classes are 25 minutes long.

What experience and education do I need?

You must have a bachelor’s degree (or an associates degree in early childhood).  It does not matter what your degree is, just have one!

You must be a native English speaker.

You must have a working computer with internet access, a camera and a headset.

You must be able to pass a criminal background check.

Experience teaching children is a plus.  

Be sure to elaborate on any additional education beyond a Bachelor’s and your experience with children during your interview, as it is based on a points system.

How much can I make?

Depending on your education and teaching qualifications, you can make between $14 - $24 an hour.  Your pay will be determined after your first interview.  The structure is broken into base pay per class (with classes being 25 minutes), with a bonus for arriving to class on time, a bonus booking over 45 classes a month, a bonus for booking short term classes and a bonus for trial signups.  There is great potential to earn these bonuses with each class, as well as with referrals!  How many times did I just say “bonus?”  You get the idea!

How do I apply?

I would love to help you decide... 1) if VIPKID would be a good fit for you, and 2) help walk you through your interview process, providing resources that were most helpful for me!  I had a great mentor myself who was able to answer a lot of questions for me.  Honestly, there aren’t a lot of answers or resources available from VIPKID until you are hired.  It is really a community of teachers helping one another to be better everyday!

Learn more and apply at VIPKID.  
You may use my referral code 057QB6 to designate me as your mentor.

Oh, and this job requires you to smile…like, a lot!  I never thought I would be a morning person, but this has really brought me out of my shell (or I guess... out from under the covers).  It is SO worth it!  It really is a fun company and experience.  I was even encouraged to dress up in costume for Halloween this week.  

Please feel free to contact me at myfavoritemusings@gmail.com with any questions about the company or help with your interview!  I can’t wait to be a VIPKID teacher with you!  

XOXO - Tami

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